ConTec AC-501


ConTec AC-501 is a ready to use liquid admixture formulated to provide set acceleration and .increased early strength development in concrete. AC-501 is comprised of Calcium Chloride with additional chemical enhancements, to improve its effectiveness.


Use ConTec AC-501 in all zero-slump applications including gray block, architectural block, segmental retaining wall, pavers, roof tile, and slabs. AC-501 improves cement hydration may change the demand for batch water. For maximum product improvement always add batch water at the maximum allowed rate with your process.


ConTec AC-501 is available in 55 gallon (208 L) drums weighing 620 lbs (281 kg) and 275 gallon (1041 L) totes weighing 3150 lbs (1429 kg).


Specific Gravity at 77F…….………..1.31 – 1.32
Viscosity at 77F, cps ……………….………<50
Weight per gallon ……………………….. 10.90
% Volatile matter (NVM(1)) ………………N/A


● Increases product early and final strength.
● Offsets the effect of low temperature on setting time and early strength.
● Shortens setting time and increases rate of strength development.
● Designed for use in cold weather concreteing.
● Cement hydration increases and helps raise and maintain temperature.


ConTec AC-501 can freeze at extremely low
temperatures, but can be restored by thawing and
thorough agitation. Always use cold water when
diluting calcium chloride solution. Leather clothing and shoes will be damaged by calcium chloride.


The Dosage range for AC-501 is 7 to 18 US fl. Oz./100 lb. of cement. Please consult an ICT representative for further recommendations to determine the proper dosage rate and order of addition for your particular process. Order of addition procedures can vary per facility. Never mix AC-501 with other admixtures before application. Flush dispensing equipment before changing to or from any another admix.