ConTec EC-60


ConTec EC-60 is a integral efflorescence control admixture used in low slump concrete units such as architectural block, paving stones, SRW units, or masonry mortar. Through careful control of materials and blending technology EC-60 helps you control cost. It is both economical and effective. ConTec EC-60 contains a unique blend of efflorescence control agents and cement and pigment dispersion aids. ConTec EC-60 contains effective efflorescence control and enhances the color and appeal of all types of concrete products.


Use ConTec EC-60 in all types of manufactured concrete in which the reduction of efflorescence and water permeability is desirable.


ConTec EC-60 is available in bulk quantities or packaged in 55 gallon (208 L) drums weighing 480 lbs (218 kg) and 265 gallon (1003 L) totes weighing 2400 lbs (1089 kg).


Specific Gravity at 77F……..…………. ….. 1.02
Viscosity at 77F, cps …………..… …..…. < 300
Weight per gallon ………………… …….….. 8.4
% Volatile matter (NVM(1)) … … …… ~ 75-60


● Adds lubricity to the mix and improves compaction rates.
● Contains multiple cement and pigment dispersants for strength.
● Impedes the formation of primary and secondary efflorescence.
● Reduces cost through careful material and production choices.
● Aids color development and can shorten production cycles.
● Reduces mechanical abrasion in equipment


ConTec EC-60 should be stored at temperatures above 40°F (4.5°C) Care should be taken to prevent this product from freezing. Should EC-60 become frozen the resulting material will be unusable.


We recommend the following range of dosage: 8 to 18 fluid ounces per hundred weight of cement for concrete paving stones and concrete roof tile. For SRW units and other architectural block higher dosage rates may be recommended. These dosage rates are estimated, your actual rate should be determined by testing. We recommend the assistance of an ICT technical representative to help you determine the proper dosage rate and order of addition for your particular process. Order of addition procedures can vary per facility. Never mix EC-60 with other admixtures before application.