Sealed Concrete Sample

Sealed Concrete Sample


ICT offers acrylic polymer and silane/siloxane sealers.   Both these water-based sealers offer effective protection for your concrete surfaces and masonry units.

Use our acrylic based sealers increased gloss is desirable.  By varying the application rate of our acrylic sealers you can adjust the gloss from very slight to semi-gloss.

We suggest avoiding heavy application rates in areas with foot or vehicular traffic.  Over application results in a finish may be high-gloss but it will not be durable.

It is best to use thinner applications allow the sealer to soak in without puddling on the surface.  The protection is locked into the concrete, not laying exposed on the surface of the concrete.

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CS-630 Acrylic Sealer Technical Data Sheet

CS-620 Acrylic Sealer Technical Data Sheet

CS-620C Acrylic Sealer Technical Data Sheet

CS-605 Acrylic Sealer Technical Data Sheet

Our silane/siloxane blends penetrate concrete deeply and chemically bond for effective, long-lasting protection.  When properly applied they provide nearly invisible protection.  It is easy to apply and available in concentrations that are custom blended for your application.  This family of sealers is so powerful that it is specified by New York Department of Transportation for concrete bridge deck overlay protection from de-icing chemicals and other environmental attack.

CS-640 Siliane/Siloxane Sealer Technical Data Sheet


Below are some of the ICT products that are applicable to sealers.  Please contact ICT technical support at 908-453-2737 to discuss your production issues.  Our goal is to understand your unique production issues and customize a solution package.


Applicable products:


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