Efflorescenc Control Agents (Admix)

Hydrophobic Concrete

Hydrophobic Concrete

ICT has a full line of Efflorescence Control Agents, or ECA’s.

Efflorescence is a harmless, but unattractive, white deposit that can form on any concrete.  It is the result of a reaction between water-soluble compounds in the concrete and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  The water-soluble chemical is primarily calcium hydroxide, a normal left over from the hydration of cement.

The chemical reactions that dissolve and dissipate efflorescence are much slower than the reactions that me it in the first place. . If you were very very patient this “white bloom” will wash away in the rain.

ICT ECA’s help prevent or reduce the formation of efflorescence before it starts.  By controlling the movement of water through the concrete, the availability of the water-soluble compounds, and numerous other factors,  ICT ECA’s help to reduce and control efflorescence.

For more information call 908-453-2737 and ask for technical information or email info@bestadmix.com.

Below are some of the ICT ECA products.  Please contact ICT technical support to discuss your production issues.  Our goal is to understand your unique production issues and customize a solution package.


Applicable products:



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