Interlocking Concrete Paving Stones

Interlocking Concrete Paving Stones (or simply “pavers”) are popular alternatives to asphalt and poured concrete pavements.  They can be used for any surface from a shipping container port to a pool patio.  They can be place by mechanized methods or by DIY homeowners.

The ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) has this website with wealth of information about pavers.

ICT provides expert technical advise and cost effective chemicals to the paver producers in the USA and Canada.


Concrete Pavers in our Lab


For more information call 908-453-2737 and ask for technical information or email


Below are some of the ICT products that are applicable to Interlocking Concrete Paver production.  Please contact ICT technical support at to discuss your production issues.  Our goal is to understand your unique production issues and customize a solution package.


Applicable products:


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