Concrete Roof Tile

Concrete roof tiles are a beautiful and durable roofing system.  Click here to learn more.

ICT sells sealer, plasticizer, and mold-release to concrete roof tile producers.

ConTec CS-640C sealer is sold as a concentrate.  We believe we are the first to sell sealer as a high solids concentrate and provide the customer with an automated dilution unit.   This unit transforms the high-solids concentrate to ready-to-use sealer.  The result is substantial freight savings for ICT customers.

For more information call 908-453-2737 and ask for technical information or email


Below are some of the ICT products that are applicable to Concrete Roof Tile production.  Please contact ICT technical support to discuss your production issues.  Our goal is to understand your unique production issues and customize a solution package.


Applicable products:


Bead of Water on Sealed Concrete Roof Tile

Bead of Water on Sealed Concrete Roof Tile

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