Wet Cast Plants

Wet cast plants make a wide variety of concrete units.  Anything from stair treads to stepping stones to fire pit kits.


ICT supplies products to control and improve concrete mixtures used by wet cast plants.  These areas include:

  • Super-Plasticizer – Improve strength through water-reduction – Improves mix rheology for easier placement
  • Air-Entrainer – Greater freeze-thaw cycle durability
  • Accelerators – For quicker production – Greater utilization of molds
  • Retarders – Compensates for hot weather set acceleration

Click to explore these product lines – Please note, plasticizers for wet-cast are on our “Particle Dispersant” page.


For more information call 908-453-2737 and ask for technical information or email info@bestadmix.com.

Below are some of the ICT products that are applicable to Wet Cast production.  Please contact ICT technical support to discuss your production issues.  Our goal is to understand your unique production issues and customize a solution package.


Applicable products:


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