ConTec RA-570

ConTec RA-570 concentrated mold release agent is made from biodegradable oils. It eliminates release agent related stains and discoloration. RA-570 produces clean releases and reduces bug-holes on vertical and horizontal mold surfaces.

Dilute RA-570 with potable water at a rate from 1 parts to 4 parts water with 1 part RA-570. Stir well. Cover entire cleaned mold surface with RA-570 as received. A Low-pressure air-less sprayer or a HVLP sprayer works well. Do not apply excess or allow excess to pool on mold surface as it will disfigure the concrete surface. RA-570 is compatible with most mold materials. Always test one mold before using RA-570 in production.

ConTec RA-570 is available in bulk quantities or packaged in 55 gallon (208 L) drums weighing 480 lbs (218 kg) and 265 gallon (1003 L) totes weighing 2360 lbs (1070 kg).

Specific Gravity at 77F…….…… …………. 0.95
Viscosity at 77F, cps ………… …..…. 500 max
Weight per gallon …………….…. ….7.91 – 7.94
% Volatile matter (NVM(1)) ……… …… ~ 30-90

● Easy Release.
● Dilute with up to 4 parts water.
● Non-staining.
● Reduces bug-holes.
● Reduces build up.
● Excellent price/performance ratio.
● Easily bio-degradable.
● Tolerates heat accelerated drying.
● Concentrate saves shipping cost.

ConTec RA-570 can be stored over a wide range of temperatures but should not be allowed to freeze. Should ConTec RA-570 freeze, it will not thaw to a usable product. Provide adequate ventilation with use. Store as concentrate, do not dilute until you are ready to use.

1/3—2/3 fl oz / sq yard (10—20 ml / square meter). Always consult your ICT technical representative for recommendations for your application.


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