Paver Green Density – A Crystal Ball for QC

Typically the paver manufacturer makes units and sends them to the lab for testing. On the rare occasion that the lab finds they do not meet spec the pavers are already made in quantity, perhaps sold, perhaps installed. Pavers are so over built that this is almost never a problem. But wouldn’t it be so much better if the

Green Density Rig

Funny Looking Crystal Ball

producer could consult a crystal ball and see test results of his pavers as they were being made? With this mystical power the issue with the production could be addressed right on the spot. If only there was such a power to see the future.

But wait, there’s more! That ability is available to mere mortals. It is green density testing done right at the machine as the units are made.

You’ve seen the cured density on every test report. 142 pounds per cubic foot (PCF) and kick butt compressive strength. Or on a bad day 132 PCF and a nasty fail on compressive strength. (Example numbers only, it always varies) With green density measurements at the machine you can know in advance what your cured unit density will be with very good certainty.  You get to peer into the future.  Very cool.

The set up is simple,a lab scale, water, and a rig to weigh the green unit in air and submerged. You could put it in a circus tent and have a mysterious gypsy woman do the test but this crystal ball doesn’t require those trappings. Just the determination to be a professional, quality, producer.

We encourage our customers to ask for more info. If you are, Deity of Your Choice forbid, not our customer then let’s talk about our products and technical support.

Brent Rymon

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