Contec SD-220C is the concentrated form of SD-220. It is approximately three times more powerful. After adjusting for activity or dilution it can be used in any application that calls for Contec SD-220. ConTec SD-220C is a dispersing aid featuring cutting-edge polycarboxylate technology. It’s highly effective formulation improves cement and color pigment efficiency in all types of architectural and hardscape concrete units. SD-220C improves cement hydration and provides higher compressive strength in manufactured concrete products. Your ICT technical representative can help you design a mix that will used SD-220C to actually reduce manufacturing cost.


Cement particles stick together in clumps called agglomerations. This clumping prevents water from reaching all the cement. Use of ConTec SD-220C admix breaks up agglomerations to increase the cement surface area available for hydration. The increased surface area holds more water without slumping your mix.  Maximizing the water content of zero-slump mixtures will maximize your results with SD-220C.


ConTec SD-220C is available in bulk quantities or packaged in 55 gallon (208 L) drums weighing 485 lbs (220 kg) and 260 gallon (984 L) totes weighing 2425 lbs (1100 kg).


Specific Gravity at 77F…….…….….. 1.09 – 1.12
Viscosity at 77F, cps …………..…..…. 2000—2500
Weight per gallon ……………….……….….. 9.17
% Volatile matter (NVM(1)) ………….…..0.30 – 0.75


● Improves cement particle dispersion and hydration.
● Concentrate chemistry offers considerable shipping cost savings.
● Requires less storage area when compared to non-concentrated product.
● Aids pigment particle dispersion improving color development.
● Increases compressive and flexural strength.
● Proper use can potentially reduce cement and pigment usage.
● Improves the compaction process enhancing finished density.


ConTec SD-220C should be stored at temperatures above 35°F (2°C) Care should be taken to prevent this product from freezing. Should SD-220C freeze, warm till completely liquid then use mechanical agitation to reconstitute


The recommended dosage is 0.7 – 1.0 US Fluid Ounces per 100 weight of cement. In dry-cast concrete products SD-220C will increase the demand for water by 5% to 10% above normal addition rates. SD-220C is not a water reducer and should not be utilized as such. If you require a Super-plasticizer or water reducer see SD-215 or SD-215C. Please consult an ICT representative for further recommendations to determine the proper dosage rate and order of addition for your particular process. Order of addition procedures can vary per facility. Never mix SD-220C with other admixtures before application.

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