About ICT

We Do Things Differently

We are Innovative Concrete Technology, LLC. ICT was established over 20 years ago to meet the specific needs of the concrete products industry – and to do so on a more personalized level. Our actual experience spans many decades so, yes, we know a thing or two about manufactured concrete, production processes, and admixture chemistry. What sets ICT apart is how we pair our expertise with that of our industry partners, and how this maximizes our unique “value proposition.”

ICT offers efflorescence control agents, integral water repellents, plasticizers, and topical treatments. Within each of these categories, our cost-performance ratio is second to none. We achieve this through operational efficiency, the ongoing pursuit of new technologies, and the collaboration of our industry partners. Our scalable production enables us to supply all customer needs from drums and totes to bulk deliveries. View our product line here.

Our products would only be so helpful if we could not identify the best-fit solution and fully exploit its benefits. This often involves characterization of materials, mix designs, and manufacturing processes beforehand. ICT provides this and many other services, as well as laboratory testing for our valued customers.