Concrete Roof Tile

ADMIXTURE SOLUTIONS for Concrete Roof Tile

Today, concrete roofing tile is as beautiful as it is functional to the homes and businesses that are adorned with it. While serving as a key design feature they effectively shed rainwater, provide thermal transmission benefits, and generally last the lifetime of a structure.

The extrusion process enables a dry-cast mixture of sand, cement, water, and pigments to be formed into a wide array of product styles, shapes, and profiles at a very high rate. Given the high initial cost and life expectancy of a concrete roof tile system, performance requirements, ASTM specifications, and buyer expectations are equally critical. To assist in achieving these goals, admixtures are used to aid compaction and to improve overall consistency. These in addition to topical sealers greatly improve aesthetics and reduce the potential for efflorescence.

ICT offers leading-edge admixtures, topical treatments, and technical expertise to address the needs of this industry.