Efflorescence Control Agents

Efflorescence Controlling Admixtures

Concrete products can exhibit early or late age efflorescence due to mix designs issues, production methods, curing deficiencies, environmental conditions, or installation practices.

ICT’s admixture products and systems effectively reduce the potential for efflorescence and minimize its detrimental impact on color integrity and visual appeal. Concrete products resist the migration and precipitation of calcium hydroxide by making it less available, and less mobile within the pores and capillaries of the concrete.

When used alone or in combination with another admixture type, ICT’s leading-edge products go a long way toward improving and maintaining the overall quality of manufactured blocks, pavers, slabs, wall products, roof tiles, and other cementitious products.

Within seconds after addition, they enhance cement/pigment dispersion, and lubricate the mix throughout its mass. This assists with dry-mix flow and enables consistent mold fill, compaction, and end-product quality. While curing, further reactions occur that reduce primary and secondary efflorescence potential and contribute valuable service life benefits.