Dry-Cast Plasticizers

Dry-Cast Plasticizing Admixtures

Fresh, dry-cast concrete is harsh and sometimes resistant to flow freely and compact efficiently. Certain materials, mix designs, and mold configurations can be challenging from an operational perspective. Leaner mixtures that lack cohesion will benefit from products that add a degree of stickiness and available paste. They can produce swipe surface textures, reduce mold wear, and reduce or eliminate core-bar cracks in CMU production. ICT’s ConTec SP (ConTec SP-306, ConTec SP-307, ConTec SP-311) and Tech Shield 700 Series are most effective under these conditions.

Other mixtures can pose the opposite challenge being too cohesive (sticky). Fine aggregate blends, and/or an abundance of pan fines are the usual suspects here. In either instance, higher cement contents are necessary. This results in mix moisture sensitivity and a narrowed window of operation.

ICT’s advanced Tech Shield 900 Series (ConTec TS-922, ConTec TS-923, ConTec TS-941, ConTec TS-943, ConTec TS-946) is highly effective at reducing stickiness, allowing higher mix water addition, and widening the window of operation. This typically results in net strength increases, cement reduction potential, and increased productivity. Along with the operational and cost-saving benefits described, treated standard gray CMUs present market differentiated moisture resistance, low-level efflorescence control, and provide a strong vehicle for increased revenue.