Architectural Block & Mortar

ADMIXTURE SOLUTIONS for Architectural Block & Mortar

With the wide variety of sizes, colors, textures, and combinations thereof, architectural block provides an unmatched array of options for the commercial design community. Used in single-wythe construction, these engineered wall assemblies function as the building’s structure and protective envelope. Given their aesthetic value and functionality, admixtures are essential to the manufacture of architectural CMU, as well as the accompanying masonry mortar.

Tech Shield admixtures excel at producing highly consistent and visually pleasing decorative concrete products. Used alone or as part of a 2-admixture solution, they improve particle dispersion, material flow, and compaction. Cured products have uniform texture, improved splitting characteristics, fewer defects after polishing, reduced potential for efflorescence, and are water penetration resistant.

For specified projects, ICT’s Tech Shield System (for CMU & masonry mortar) provides ASTM E514 E-Rated wind-driven rain resistance and reduced moisture wicking potential for the life of a structure.