Integral Water Repellent Admixtures

IWR Admixtures

Water penetration and moisture migration in masonry structures can result in unsightly, unhealthy, and even structurally unsound conditions. Being semi-porous in nature, exterior concrete masonry units (CMU) are installed and protected with paints, coatings, stucco finishes, or used with a veneer in a cavity wall system.

Concrete masonry is most design flexible and cost-competitive when used in single wythe applications as is common in commercial/retail construction. Here, the block walls form both the building’s structure and protective envelope. This wall type can use an exterior protection method (and resulting maintenance schedule), or a “built in” method using integral water repellent (IWR) block and mortar admixtures.

ICT’s Tech Shield System allows manufacturers to provide water penetration-resistant CMU efficiently and consistently in a wide variety of colors, styles, and textures. This advanced admixture system provides resistance to wind-driven rain and moisture migration for the life of a building and is available through our growing network of Qualified Tech Shield Producers.