ConTec NC-505 is a non-corroding, chloride free accelerator and as a result will not corrode reinforcing steel or pre-stressed strands in concrete. Use of this product promotes strength development of the concrete and meets ASTM C 494 requirements as a type C admixture. Because it increases hydration speed, NC-505 offsets the effects of cold weather

Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with all type of Portland cement
  • Offers a significant reduction in corrosion to steel reinforcing
  • Increases the early strength of a concrete mixture
  • Designed for use in cold weather concreting
  • Shortens setting time for concrete
  • Easily dispensed with conventional admix dispensers


ConTec NC-505 is compatible in concrete with all commercial air entraining admixtures. The amount used will depend upon the setting time of the non-admixture concrete and the temperature at placement. It may be added to the mix on the sand or in the water.

ConTec NC-505



ConTec NC-505 is available in packaged in 55 gallon (208 L) drums weighing 620 lb (281 kg) and 275 gallon (1041 L) totes weighing 3,150 lb (1,429 kg).


ConTec NC-505 will freeze at approximately -15 C. but can be completely restored by thawing and thorough agitation. It may cause irritation to eyes and skin upon contact. Proper protection should be worn.


The dosage range is 0.5 – 2.6 liters per 100kg of cement. NC-505 at 0.78 – 0.98 liter per 100kg of cement will reduce the setting time of typical Type 1 cement concrete by 2-3 hours at (10 C) and 25 to 50% increase in 3 day compressive strength is normally achieved.


Specific Gravity at 77°F: 1.30 – 1.32
Viscosity at 77°F cps: 50 – 100
Weight per gallon: 10.9 lb
% Volatile matter (NVM(1)): N/A