ConTec NC-537P is a non-corroding, chloride free accelerator/plasticizer blend. As a result, it does not corrode metal block and paver pallets or machine parts. Use it to promote early strength development and ease of manufacturing in concrete masonry unit (CMU) mix designs.  By increasing hydration speed, NC-537P helps offset the effects of cold weather. Use it year-round to shorten time between CMU manufacture and splitting or tumbling.

Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with all type of Portland cement
  • Ideal in masonry units that will be split or tumbled shortly after manufacturing
  • Increases the early strength of a concrete mixture
  • Plasticizer component adds lubricity to mix
  • Consolidates accelerating and plasticizing admixes into one economical product
  • Easily dispensed with conventional admix dispensers


ConTec NC-537P is compatible in all CMU mixes. It may be added to the mix on the sand or in the water.

ConTec NC-537P



ConTec NC-537P is available in bulk quantities or packaged in 55 gallon (208 L) drums weighing 560 lb (254 kg) and 265 gallon (1003 L) totes weighing 2,750 lb (1247 kg).


ConTec NC-537P will freeze at approximately 23 F (-5 C), but can be completely restored by thawing and thorough agitation. It may cause irritation to eyes and skin upon contact. Proper protection should be worn.


Dosage must be determined by in-plant testing and is usually in the range of 8 to 30 US fluid ounces per 100 pounds of cement. Your ICT sales representative will help you determine your exact dosage.


Specific Gravity at 77°F: 1.17 – 1.18
Viscosity at 77°F cps: 50 – 100
Weight per gallon: 9.8 lb
% Volatile matter (NVM(1)): N/A