Tech Shield System Component

Efflorescence Control Agent, Integral Water Repellent, Dry-Cast Plasticizer

ConTec TS-943 liquid admixture enhances the overall integrity of concrete masonry products while minimizing production cost.  This unique admixture chemically reacts with cement and its water repellent components form a permanent bond within the concrete. As a result, this provides higher cement efficiency, enhanced efflorescence control, and long-lasting resistance to moisture ingress. ConTec TS-943 is a Tech Shield Water Repellent Admixture System component for specified concrete masonry construction.

Features & Benefits

  • Increases strength at all ages
  • Improves product consistency
  • Greatly reduces efflorescence
  • Enhances freeze/thaw durability
  • Provides lasting water repellency
  • Serves as a single product solution


ConTec TS-943 can be used in a wide variety of concrete masonry products and other cementitious applications. It is particularly useful where the use of conventional water repellants and efflorescence control agents have not been effective. When used in both CMU along with Tech Shield treated masonry mortar ICT’s Tech Shield System protects against moisture intrusion for the life of the structure.

ConTec TS-943



ConTec TS-943 is available in totes and drums. An ICT representative will determine the proper dispensing system to match your operation.


Store ConTec TS-943 at moderate temperatures and away from direct sun. Do not allow product to freeze. When stored properly, ConTec TS-943 has a shelf life of 12 months. Avoid creating an aerosol or mist that could be inhaled.


The typical dosage range for ConTec TS-943 is 1.5 – 5 oz/cwt. Consult your ICT technical representative for recommendations and guidelines for your application.


Form: Milky White Liquid
Color / Odor: Slight
Density (lb./gal): 8.6
pH: 8 – 9