Dry Cast Plasticizer

ConTec SP-311 is a ready to use liquid plasticizing and swipe producing admixture. that is specifically for use in low slump concrete masonry units. Its unique, multi component chemistry creates a moderate to high swipe appearance. The lubricating properties of ConTec SP-311 minimize both feed and compaction times. With proper use, this product improves compaction and density to result in higher compressive strength and a significantly less permeable surface.

Features & Benefits

  • Produces a moderate to high swipe
  • Creates more defined edges improving overall appearance
  • Optimizes material flow which shortens overall machine cycle times
  • Increases compressive and flexural strength
  • Added components result in an improved cement particle dispersion and hydration
  • Reduces mechanical abrasion in equipment


Use ConTec SP-311 in all types of manufactured concrete where moderate to high swipe is desired.

ConTec SP-311



ConTec SP-311 is available in bulk quantities or packaged in 55 gallon (208 L) drums weighing 490 lb (222 kg) and 260 gallon (984 L) totes weighing 2,390 lb (1,084 kg).


Store ConTec SP-311 at temperatures above 35 F (2 C). Prevent product from freezing. If SP-311 freezes, warm until it is completely liquid then use a mechanical agitation to reconstitute.


The recommended dosage rate for ConTec SP-311 is 2 to 5 US fluid ounces per 100 lbs of cement. As with most plasticizers, water content should be monitored to achieve desired appearance. SP-311 is not a water reducer and should not be utilized as such. Please consult an ICT representative for further recommendations to determine the proper dosage rate and order of addition for your particular process. Order of addition procedures can very per facility. Never mix SP-311 with other admixtures before application.


Specific Gravity at 77°F: 1.01
Viscosity at 77°F cps: 50 – 100
Weight per gallon: 8.4 lb
Volatile matter (NVM(1)): 86 – 88