Efflorescence Control Agent for Concrete

ConTec EC-135 is an integral water repellent admixture used in low slump concrete units such as architectural block, paving stones, SRW units, or masonry mortar. Use this unique formulation chemical to react with concrete to prevent water penetration and control efflorescence. ConTec EC-135 contains new and improved primary efflorescence control and enhances the color and appeal of all types of concrete products. Use in both mortar and masonry units EC-135 to reduce water infiltration through masonry walls.

Features & Benefits

  • Increases hydrophobic properties and lowers absorption rates
  • Impedes the formation of primary and secondary efflorescence
  • Increases product durability with its unique densifying properties
  • Aids color development and can shorten production cycles
  • Reduces mechanical abrasion in equipment.


ConTec EC-60 can be used in all types of manufactured concrete in which the reduction of efflorescence and water permeability is desirable.

ConTec EC-135



ConTec EC-135 is available in bulk quantities or packaged in totes and drums.


ConTec EC-135 should be stored at temperatures above 40°F (4.5°C). Never allow to freeze.


We recommend the following range of dosage: 8 to 16 US fl. oz. per 100 lb of cement for concrete paving stones and concrete roof tile. For SRW units and other architectural block higher dosage rates may be recommended. Never mix EC-135 with other admixtures before application. Consult your ICT representative to help you determine the proper dosage rate and order of addition for your particular process.


Specific Gravity at 77°F: 1.008
Viscosity at 77°F: cps <200
Weight per gallon: 8.4
Volatile matter (NVM(1)): ~60