Efflorescence Control Agent & Integral Water Repellent for Concrete

ConTec WR-650 integral water-repellant is a highly active powder additive designed to reduce permeability and efflorescence in concrete manufactured products. When used properly this unique formulation chemically reacts and bonds utilizing the alkali properties of concrete to provide long lasting performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior water repellence
  • Improved soil release properties
  • Compatible with other additives
  • Improves durability and freeze/thaw resistance
  • Greatly reduces efflorescence
  • Good alkaline stability
  • High activity lowers addition rates
  • Inhibits water-wicking.


ConTec WR-650 can be used in a variety of cementitious dry mix applications where the use of conventional water repellants is not feasible or desired. When used in both mortar and masonry units WR-650 provides permanent protection from water infiltration throughout masonry walls.

ConTec WR-650



ConTec WR-650 is available in bulk Bags weighing 2204 lbs (1000 kg) or packaged in 22 lb (10 kg) bags stacked 60 bags per pallet. An ICT representative will determine the proper dispensing system to match your operation.


ConTec WR-650 must be stored in a cool, dry, well–ventilated area. When stored properly, WR- 650 has a shelf life of 6 to 12 months. Although WR-650 is a low dust formulation always avoid excessive dust formation when handling.


Always consult your ICT technical representative for recommendations for your application.


Form: Powder
Color/Odor: White/Slight
Bulk Density: 400kg/m3
VOCs (lb/gallon): None
Volatile matter (NVM(1)): 0.0